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Why did you get up today?

Do you want to know? No,  don’t mean with your head. I mean, do you feel why you’re in your own skin? Why did you get up today? Why were you allowed that gift?Do you feel in every cell, every breath, what you are doing?  Do you feel like to get the chance, every minute, to do what makes you alive?

If not, I want you to pray. Surrender. I don’t care if you believe in a God/ Goddess/ Almighty Spaghetti Monster. I want you to leave your desk, your car, your kitchen table and go outside and visit your  nearest place of worship. Yes, even if it’s 10 am on a Tuesday, I want to go and pray for at least an hour. Tell your boss you’re sick (you’re not even lying – you just don’t know how sick you really are) and go pray/ surrender.

If after you pray, you still don’t know what you are doing here – what fuels the life that you live – I want you to grab a Priest/ Rabbi/ Minister/ Holy Person. Ask him or her your questions, and see what s/he has to say. Ask more questions. If you don’t understand the answers (and you’ll know if you understand them because you’ll be able to answer the first questions) then find another Holy Person. If you run out of people there, go to another house of worship.  Or another city. If you run out of churches/ temples in your denomination, open up your phone book and find another one. Repeat the cycle until you’ve hit everything in your phone book. If that doesn’t work, go talk to people on the local street corner. Ask them your questions.

Keep going until you find one that has your answer. Keep branching out. If it sounds wacky, try it anyway. How has the non-wacky sounding plan worked for you so far?

If you have no building or institution near you, go do what you believe in. We’re trying to save your heart.  Your mind will tag along in this process.

If you have no faith, try one, or make one up.

You are human – it will come. It is a manifestation of what we all are, how we are built.



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