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Finding Heaven and Earth Here and Now

Our minds crave structure. In our busy lives we sometimes stop and let our minds get a taste of peace. Our fears can be soothed, our mind can be reassured. Our thoughts can slow down and we can be still. Peace and quiet are refuges in our lives. Many religious and spiritual practices bring this to us, from songs and prayers to scriptures and chants. We can use music, guided meditation, guided imagery, hypnosis, prayers, offerings, and a host of other things to help us calm our anxious mind. I cover many ways in which we can use these practices to build structure for ourselves to help us cope with our lives here.

While this peace goes deep,  eventually we can find it limiting.  We may notice one day that you keep having the same thoughts over and over and over. This means we’re starting to see clearly that managing our thoughts is not the same as getting to the core of who is thinking these thoughts. Many things like body work, yoga,  and deep meditative states start to give us a feeling that there’s more down there.

It’s like going down layer upon layer through the earth. We can easily find grass, soil, dirt, pebbles, or rocks. But eventually we hit bedrock or granite and we’re stopped. We think this is the end of what there is. However, it is just that we become limited by the method we use for digging.  We need a different kind of tool to penetrate this hardened layer. While our minds  use words, we can also become limited by them. We are limited to the concepts that words can convey. This is the hard layer we hit when digging. Eventually, we want to feel what’s beneath that. So when that time comes, we need a tool that goes beyond words. Beyond whatever religious or spiritual practices we have.  We want to use the deepest and wisest parts of our practice to transport ourselves back into the present moment.

Some people may question “why mess with a good thing”. Meditation feels soooooo good at this level! We’re deeper than in our normal, daily lives. Maybe we’ve found a meditation that really works to calm our mind down after a bad day. Maybe we’ve found such a peace and stillness that we can’t imagine that there’s anything deeper.

I tell you, there’s a great vastness of light and warmth that is right there in front of you that is unlike anything anyone has ever described. It is the origination and orginator of not only your thoughts, but the entire world.

We can get trapped by staying at the surface, by believing that what we’ve worked so hard to attain is all the peace and joy that there is. We are transported away from the scary and unpredictable world – isn’t that enough?  We can’t even fathom what else there could be discovered.  But what if we could drive an anchor through our soil, through the bedrock, through the granite layer we call think is the bottom.  What if we could realize we are actually living topsy turvey? What if we saw that in order to keep up our daily lives predictable and safe, that we make this illusion real. By doing so, we suppress the sacred meaning underneath it. People talk about wanting to “become more spiritual”. But what if you could experience that we ARE Spirit? We have these physical lives in order to express that spirit, but somehow along the way our longing for certainty became the view we live from instead of the joy and possibilities that we actually are. We can learn to allow this light and warmth to seep upward, through all the layers of our rocky resistance, through the layers of fertile soil of our day to day lives and expand out in our every waking moment of sunlight.

If you keep digging through these hardened layers of bedrock and granite, we find a core. An unpredictable, warm core which is what gives us life. Without our heated core, there would be no life on earth. Without the inner warmth of our being, we lose the sprit of life. When we touch this core, when we anchor our lives in it, we bridge  the gap between the depths of the warm earth and a bright, life giving sun. We no longer need to be soothed, we are soothing incarnate.

We are that anchor, bridging heaven and earth to the here and now.



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