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Marc Allen Author Interview – hear hear!

I’m so excited – my dear friend and mentor Jan Lundy and I had a *wonderful* time interviewing Marc Allen last month. I reviewed his book for BuddhaChickLife previously (click here to go read it) and so I was excited to ask Marc questions. He and Shakti Gawain founded New World Library and publish books by a couple of authors you might have heard of, such as, oh, Marc Beckoff, Deepack Chopra, Joseph Campbell, Wayne Dyer, Matthew Fox, Gay Hendricks, J Krishnamurti, Daphne Rose Kingma, Dan Millman, Brad Warner and Eckhart Tolle. And about 12 pages of more authors who I’d love to list and read everything by them!

Here’s a little snippet of how Marc got started:

Many years ago, he and friend, Shakti Gawain, sat at a kitchen table and scratched out a vision for a publishing company focused on human transformation. Today, Marc is the head of this company, New World Library. NWL is a major player in the publishing world of self-help books.  To this day, Marc remains passionate about providing people with the tools they need to live lives of extraordinary brilliance and well-being.

Please go visit and listen!


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