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New Book Review – Hildegard of Bingen

I have a new book review up on Meditate Like A Girl – go Check it out!

How I Made Friends With Meditation and Why I Hated Metaphors

I couldn’t resist adding this one. I have a new article posted over at Meditate Like A Girl, and just had to share it here.   Go!

Fearless at Work – book review and giveaway!

How about this – two new articles in one day! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Michael Carroll’s book “Fearless at Work”. While I had hoped I would enjoy it since Carroll is a teacher in the Shambhala lineage I study, I was overwhelmed by ideas and inspiration after reading his book. I love it […]

Marc Allen Author Interview – hear hear!

I’m so excited – my dear friend and mentor Jan Lundy and I had a *wonderful* time interviewing Marc Allen last month. I reviewed his book for BuddhaChickLife previously (click here to go read it) and so I was excited to ask Marc questions. He and Shakti Gawain founded New World Library and publish books by a couple […]

Ancient Chinese Secret to Living a More Fulfilling Life

In case you were wondering…  

Finding Heaven and Earth Here and Now

Our minds crave structure. In our busy lives we sometimes stop and let our minds get a taste of peace. Our fears can be soothed, our mind can be reassured. Our thoughts can slow down and we can be still. Peace and quiet are refuges in our lives. Many religious and spiritual practices bring this […]

Why did you get up today?

Do you want to know? No,  don’t mean with your head. I mean, do you feel why you’re in your own skin? Why did you get up today? Why were you allowed that gift?Do you feel in every cell, every breath, what you are doing?  Do you feel like to get the chance, every minute, […]

All you do to me is Talk Talk

So the other day I heard this song on Pandora . It got me to thinking about words and other people’s words. As soon as I type out these words in my head, they are no longer living in me. They are dead words. Don’t get me wrong: dead words contain the potential for lots of […]

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