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Why did you get up today?

Do you want to know? No,  don’t mean with your head. I mean, do you feel why you’re in your own skin? Why did you get up today? Why were you allowed that gift?Do you feel in every cell, every breath, what you are doing?  Do you feel like to get the chance, every minute, […]

How and Why to Meditate (since I know you’re looking for this)

“Well you should meditate!” “Meditate on it!” “Well, you know you’d feel better if you just took time to meditate” Phrases like this get tossed out like clichés now. They make is sound like if you take 2 aspirin and some mediation then everything will be fine in the morning. Even Huffington Post has an […]

All you do to me is Talk Talk

So the other day I heard this song on Pandora . It got me to thinking about words and other people’s words. As soon as I type out these words in my head, they are no longer living in me. They are dead words. Don’t get me wrong: dead words contain the potential for lots of […]

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