Visit the UUCC Mindfulness Sangha

Through exploration and experience, we deepen our spiritual practice and discover our own underlying assumptions about reality and examine our ways of being. We can shift into a clearer, more fundamentally positive way of perceiving our world and our role in it by sharing in sacred time with others where the stories of our lives can be heard. Develop intimacy and friendliness towards yourself and others through this transformational practice of meditation and dialogue. Questions and group discussions are welcomed.

When we practice mindfulness and strip away illusions, we transform ourselves as we transform all our relationships and our larger society.
It is work at times from the inside out.
We’ll have sitting meditation and Dharma dialogue. New and experienced meditators welcome!

When: 7:00 pm Tuesday evenings

Where: Unitarian Universalist Church of Glen Allen www.UUCCGlenAllen.org

11105 Cauthorne Rd
Glen Allen, VA 23059-1647

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